Terms and Conditions


“ The service ” - the service or servicesoffered for sale by the vendor through Holiday Link-Up online facility.

“ The customer ” - the purchaser of theservice through Holiday Link-Up.

“ The provider/vendor ” – the personproviding the service through Holiday Link-Up.

“ The booking fee ” – the percentage thesales price set by Holiday Link-Up that is collected as payment for use of thesales facility.

“ The Link-Up Pal ” – Someone who is willingto advise you (answer your questions regarding your interest etc.) or meet upwith you while you are on vacation.

By becoming a user of,you agree that you have read, understood, and agreed with the following"Terms and Conditions", and irrevocable consent to be bound by allsaid "Terms and Conditions", including any updates thereto. HolidayLink-up has the right to change the Terms and Conditions, in whole or in part,at any time with or without notice.

Rightsand Obligations of the Customer

Your Eligibility – You must be anindividual, 18 years of age or older. Otherwise you may use Holiday Link-uponly with the involvement of a parent or legal guardian.

Your responsibility – Before making abooking, it is your responsibility to read the fine print associated with yourdesired service including, but not limited to, the following sections: Pricing,amenities, inclusions and highlights, schedule details,cancellation/rescheduling and refund policy, relevant notes etc. And you hereinstate that you have read and fully understood the content of all fine print andwill waive the right to dispute against any part of it after your purchase.Once you have completed your booking it is the customer’s responsibility tokeep all contact information up-to date.

Booking receipt – Once your booking orderis complete, you will receive an electronic confirmation receipt by email andthe booking will also appear under MyBooking under the user profile.  You should ensure that you travel with yourbooking confirmations and relevant ID at all times. We will not be liableshould any service provide not provide you with the booked service if you donot produce such documentation. It is advisable to communicate with theprovider to re-confirm your pickup schedules, arrival times etc.

Privacy and Data Collection – HolidayLink-up is the sole owner of the information collected on this site. We willnot sell, share, or rent this information to any outside parties, except asoutlined in this policy. collects information from our usersat several different points on our website in order to process reservations andbetter serve you with pertinent information. Information collected includesname, billing address, telephone numbers, e-mail address, and paymentinformation such as credit card. also requires you to submita user name and password of your choice for future access to your information.Your user name and password is to remain confidential and you should not sharethis information with anyone. You must supply accurate and complete informationwhen using this site. Holiday Link-up's information practices are furtherdescribed in its Privacy and Policy. Holiday Link-up's Privacy and SecurityPolicy is part of this Agreement, and you agree that use of data as describedin the Privacy and Security Policy is not an actionable breach of your privacyor publicity rights. If you do not accept all of these terms, then please donot use this website.

Pricing,Cancellation/rescheduling and Refund Policy –Please be aware that the price of each service is regularly reviewed and may goup or down, and depends on the provider/vendor. Cancellation/rescheduling andrefund practices are described in Cancellation/rescheduling and Refund Policy.Cancellation/rescheduling and Refund Policy is part of this Agreement, and youagree that you have read and have agreed to all its content before makingonline reservation.

Booking Fee - In addition to the price ofthe service, there will be a booking fee payable per person. The serviceprovider will pay any additional handling fees incurred with respect to thepayment through a debit or credit card etc. All such fees will be highlightedto you during the course of making your booking.

Our Liability - We accept responsibilityfor ensuring that the service you book with us is supplied as described on ourwebsite.

Rightsand Obligations of the Vendor (Service Provider)

Eligibility – You must be an individual, 18years of age or older. If you have been suspended from using this site, or donot qualify to use this site please do not use our system.

Rights – The vendor has full control overthe price of their service and has the right to change prices at any time.

Obligations – Prior to displaying yourservice on Holiday Link-Up, you must be fully acquainted with all conditionsrelating to the sale facility, including booking, payment and refunds and agreeto abide by them.

Prices – The vendor sets the price of theservice offered through Holiday Link-Up and is displayed as the sale pricealongside the service on offer.

Payment – Payment is made by a secureweb-based payment gateway. (link to Braintree)

Fee – There is no membership fee associatedwith using this system.

Communication system – You acknowledge thatour site merely provides the communication system and means to allow you toconnect with potential customers.

Fraud or manipulation – we may suspend orterminate your account if we suspect that you have engaged in fraudulentactivity in connection with our site.

Accuracy of information on services – Youare solely responsible for all information you provide with regard to yourservice. Holiday Link-Up is just a platform for the online publication of yourservice. You agree that your information you represent on this site will not befalse, inaccurate and misleading.

Rights and obligations of Link-UpPals

Eligibility – You must be 18 and over to bea Link-Up pal.

Obligation – You are not obliged tocommunicate with everyone who may have contacted you. However, if you decide tocommunicate with someone through Holiday Link-Up you agree to provide honestand accurate information about your country. Please ensure that your advicewould not an anyway endanger the lives of the customer. Think hard about theconsequences about taking your advice. If you do not feel qualified to orknowledgeable enough about something to give advice on, be honest about thisfact and please communicate that. Your goal should not be to blindly lead theperson, but rather to help him or her make a good decision.

Privacy of Information – Your telephone andemail address is always kept private on this site. However, you have the optionto share this information through our “request” system. Only the informationyou decide to share will be received.

Payoutterms and conditions

If you are a vendor/service provider onHoliday Link-Up, you will be required to select one out of the three payoutmethods (i.e. method of receiving payment) listed on this site.

1.   PayPal

2.   Bank Transfer

3.   Western Union (money inminutes)

Please ensure that the method you select iswithin the receiving limits of the value of the service you provide. It is yourresponsibility to ensure that the method selected works in your country and themost cost effective since there are fees associated with transferring funds. Itis your responsibility to ensure that the information you provide is accurate.Inaccurate information will incur additional charges since the payment has tobe processed again.

Payout policy - Once the booking isconfirmed, the payment is processed and accepted in full by Holiday Link-Up.The vendor receives the payment through holiday Link-up 24 hours after thebooking period for one day services and 24 hours after first day of booking periodfor bookings which are more than a day. This payment system gives both partiestime to make sure that everything is as expected as well as to allow forcancelation and refunds. The time it takes for a vendor to receive payoutsdepends on the payout method chosen by the vendor while listing. The vendor pays all fees relating to the transfer of funds from HolidayLink-Up to the payee’s account. Some banks may depend on overseas intermediaryand beneficiary banks and thus may incur additional charges. These charges willbe deducted from the payment and therefore will decrease the amount youreceive. The amount you receive will also depend on the exchange rates on theday of the processing transaction.

After transferring the payment to you, ittakes some additional time for the money to get to you. This depends on theselected payout method. For example

1.   PayPal – you will receive thepayment within minutes after it has been made

2.   Bank Transfer – 5 – 7 workingdays

3.   Western Union (money in minutes) – 1 working day


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